Destino’s Next Location!

New Church Building for Destino Cristiano,

A Christian Church in La Paz

The good thing about the current location of Destino Cristiano is that the building was able to accommodate our growth. Since we started our church plant with 3 people, and had a whopping 5 people at the first service, there was a lot of room to grow. When our church grew to about 40 people, we tore down the back wall for expansion, and we broke through another wall into a new area to create space for Children’s Church. Then, when attendance hit the 80+ mark, we broke through another wall and relocated the stage to make room for additional people. Well, we finally hit capacity with the next level of growth, with no more walls to tear down.

So, the search began for a new building to rent. We knew we wanted to stay in El Centro for this next season at Destino Cristiano, so the search team looked for something large enough and priced right. The search came up empty. When we located a place, the rent was either too high, or the building needed too much fixing up. So we looked at the possibility of purchasing a building, but wondered these things: How can we find a building that suits all of our needs, and how can we afford to buy a building.

What we needed was a space large enough for 300 people, and that had a kitchen, quarters for visiting pastors or other guests, several bathrooms, a shower, a lounge, office space and at least 2 classes for children’s church. Quite a list, but we found it in a building that is only 3 blocks up the road from our current location. And because it needs quite a bit of work, the building was priced right, but in addition, the price was negotiated down to the point where we knew it was a God thing.

So, we now have the right building at a miracle price and we’re starting our remodeling campaign titled Big Steps Only.  We’ll tell you more soon!



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