How to be a Pastor

If someone were to ask me, “What’s the best advice you can give for becoming a pastor” I would first talk to them about all the basics. For example, read the Bible, attend Bible college, pray more, love others more than yourself, and be sure to serve your church. But then I would give the most important piece of advice about becoming a pastor: Be Yourself!

There is only one you. God made you unique. He made you for His purpose. And while you’re very well aware of your imperfections and shortcomings, you will always feel most comfortable in your own skin. You don’t have to be the smartest, the wisest, the funniest, or the greatest preacher. Just be you!

It’s important to sit under and learn from pastors, mentors and teachers, but you can’t get lost in the midst of your training. Just as David couldn’t wear someone else’s armor, you can’t wear another man’s crown.

You have your own crown. Wear it proudly.

Back to Christian Basics

Why Did Jesus Die?

crossSometimes we just need to get back to the basics. To remember where we were before, and to see how far God has brought us. To remember that moment when we realized that the love of God has always been with us: that he loved us enough to send Jesus to die in our place. That memory should break our hearts, and at the same time, our hearts should be overwhelmed with gratitude and joy!

But we forget, don’t we? Over time, we just do church as if we have always done it. We begin to speak in Christian clichés and talk about Biblical principles as though we have always lived them. We learn so much that we become teachers, who no longer feel the need to know more and go deeper.

It’s time to remember why Jesus died. Forget all the niceties and the need for others to see how spiritual and smart we are. Jesus died because we were lost and in sin and in need of saving. Jesus died because we still sin, and still need a Savior. Jesus died so he could rule and reign in our hearts and we could be kingdom dwellers who feast at the table of our Lord. Jesus died for our resurrected life! He did it. We simply receive the benefits of this great love.

Contact Us for Mission Trips to Mexico

Contact Us for Mission Trips to Mexico

It’s so much fun connecting with people from the United States, Canada, Mexico and places all around the world. As a bilingual Christian Church in La Paz, Mexico, we are working to blend cultures, but also respect the traditions and cultural differences among people of different countries.

If your missions team is looking for a safe, productive and spiritually rewarding experience on the mission field, please contact us. We’ll send you details, answer your questions and customize a mission trip to Mexico just for you!

Mexico Info
520 Allende, entre Ramirez y Altamirano
El Centro, La Paz, Mexico, 23000
612-129-5205 (church)
612-147-7988 (Cell)

U.S. Info
1073 Cherry Street
Medford, Oregon 97501
541-778-8680 (Cell)


La Paz Church Website Goes Live

La Paz Church Website Goes Live


The Destino Cristiano website finally went live, after many months of pulling together information and photos. Our goal was to create a comprehensive resource where people can learn all about our bilingual Christian church in La Paz, Mexico. But as we created it, we began to see just how much has been accomplished since planting the bilingual church in La Paz in 2013, and also how much more there is to do to serve the city.

With this website, we hope to connect with people from all around the world who want to join our cause, join our team or just keep in touch.




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