The Measuring Stick of Destiny

measuring stickWe have a comparison problem as Christians. While it’s important to look up to those in authority and people with specific gifts and talents, we can’t want to be more like them than we want to be ourselves. But that often happens when we start making comparisons with those who we perceive as more spiritual, more powerful, more effective, or better in one way or another.

When we start comparing ourselves in this way, we’re holding ourselves up to a distorted measuring stick.  The result is that we never measure up, and we lose sight of what God purposed in His heart when He created us.

Of course, Satan loves it when we compare ourselves to other people because he is keenly aware that a distorted measuring stick leads to pride, envy and jealousy. He has also proven that this flawed measuring stick can make us bitter and angry, and can discourage and dishearten the strongest of believers.

When we compare ourselves to others, we can inadvertently pit ourselves against them, creating a one-sided competition in which there is no winner. It’s like we’re running a race alone, and without a finish line. No wonder we’re so tired! No wonder we feel so lost and forgotten!

There is only one measuring stick made for Christians, and it’s the one God holds in front of each of us. It is customized because God based these measuring sticks on His design for our lives.  They are the measuring sticks of Destiny. Thus, there is no place for comparison, nor is there any competition.

So we have God who loves us and guides us from our first steps of salvation toward our true calling. He shows us who we are in Him with the measuring stick of Destiny. When we see ourselves through God’s eyes and when we count on the strength and power of God, we discover our God-given gifts and talents, and ultimately our true identity.

But in the process, we have Satan who hates us and steers us away from our calling by various means, including the evil practice of comparison. He hands us the distorted measuring stick and engages us in a one-sided conversation that begins with “You’re not good enough. You don’t measure up.” And we respond by trying harder to become an imposter.

If you’re holding a distorted measuring stick, get rid of it – right now! It’s worse than useless. It’s holding you back from becoming your best. And it’s keeping you from cheering on your brothers and sisters in Christ who may be soaring higher and longer, but who are in desperate need of your work on the ground.