Missionary Intern Program (MIP)

mission field
Intern Expectations and Mission Field Description

Welcome to the mission field of La Paz, Mexico. While here, you’ll be serving the pastors and the people at Destino Cristiano, which is a bilingual, nondenominational Christian church in La Paz.

Destino is a serving church – a place where church happens not only on Sunday mornings, but outside the walls throughout the week. Our goal is to network with others in the community to create and execute outreach opportunities that are both practical and spiritual.

The goal of the Missionary Intern Program (MIP) is to provide opportunities for increased service and training on the mission field. Here is the criteria for acceptance:

• 18 years or older (willing to delay relationships with the opposite sex during the internship)
• Active church member
• Recommendation from a pastor
• Drug and alcohol free
• Sufficient monthly income, with a recommended minimum of $500/month. (This is for rent, food and other essentials.)
• Humility and heart of service

Expectations While on the Mission Field (1 to 3 months)
Since we are modeling Christianity in the city of La Paz, interns must agree to the following while serving as a missionaries through Destino Cristiano:

Abstain from alcohol – Pastor Jamee have a Christian recovery ministry called The Solid Rock Road, therefore abstinence from alcohol and drugs is absolutely essential. It’s a zero tolerance standard.

Abstain from dating – If you are single, it is important that you spend your time on the mission field serving God, the church and the people of the city. We are not against the pursuit of love and marriage (we are actually for it), but this should be pursued when your mission has been completed.

Stay Spiritually Fit – It is vital to your mission that you remain strong in the Spirit. Therefore, we encourage your continued personal study of the Bible, prayer, praise and daily devotions. You will also be asked to join in devotions at the church several days a week.

Be Accountable – While you are away from your home church, Pastor Jamee Pineda become your interim pastors. While you are free to explore La Paz on your time off, it’s important to stay accountable and be available when the unexpected arises.

Job Description
The position of Missionary Intern will be customized according to the requirements of Destino Cristiano and the gifts and talents of the intern.

For example, those with administrative skills will be assisting with office tasks and may become a personal assistant to the pastor. A musician may join the worship team, while someone with teaching skills may be asked to lead a study group or help with Children’s Church classes. Dancers, actors and other creative types will be encouraged to use their talents to help build the Kingdom of God in La Paz.

Prior to arrival, the intern will be provided a written agreement of the tasks required. However, these tasks may change as requirements and situations arise.

To inquire about the Missionary Intern Program, call 541-778-8680 or send an email to: ChurchInLaPaz@gmail.com.