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SEPT 6, 2015 (16) PPJerry & Jamee Pineda, senior pastors of Destino Cristiano, a bilingual, nondenominational Christian Church in La Paz, Mexico

American-born pastors Jerry and Jamee Pineda remembered the words of their pastor when they planted Destino Cristiano in December 2013. “Establish a church that you would want to attend, and let the Holy Spirit guide your every move.” With that in mind, the Pinedas landed in the center of the city to become a bilingual, nondenominational Christian church in La Paz, Mexico. At the time, neither spoke Spanish, but both understood the power of God’s love and the beauty of a large blended family. They have six children between them and 19 grandchildren. (In early 2018, Pastor Jerry passed away, leaving leadership of the church to his wife.)

Today, Destino Cristiano is a blend of Mexicans, Americans, Canadians and people from other parts of the world, coming together to love Jesus and to serve God and others. Pastor Jerry (aka The Barbershop Preacher) offered insight, inspiration, education and a little entertainment with every sermon, until his passing in January 2018. Jerry’s legacy lives on through his wife Jamee and the congregation they lovingly built — one person, one family at a time. In July 2019, with the purchase of its own building, Destino Cristiano has made a permanent place for itself, with a vibrant missions group program, internship program, Bible Studies, recovery program called The Solid Rock Road, and outreach programs in various areas of the city.

Pastors Jerry and Jamee were sent out to start Destino Cristiano (Joy Church La Paz) by Pastors Steve and Kim Schmelzer of Joy Church in Medford, Oregon.

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