Power of the Church Team

church peopleThere’s one thing in establishing a group, and another in developing a team. The group can consist of many people, with lots of different ideas. The group can share, compare and either appreciate or reject the opinions and thoughts of others. But a team consists of like-minded people, with a single vision, working toward a specific mission in order to achieve specific results.

As pastors of a bilingual Christian church in La Paz, we know we can’t build a strong church without the power of God and the power of the team. Therefore, we consistently promote teamwork and abide by the Biblical principle of unity. We also enjoy the process of identifying and putting into practice the gifts and talents of the people.

It’s the transforming power of God that takes people from their worldliness into their calling. And it’s exciting when God reveals His original intent for someone’s life. Ultimately, the team at Destino Cristiano connects with the greater team, which is the Body of Christ. Together we’re spreading the Gospel around the world and fighting for the souls of the unsaved.


Harvest Time at Destino

candyChristian Church in La Paz will Pass Out Sweets with Scriptures

On October 31st, a group from Destino Cristiano Christian church in La Paz, Mexico will be out and about, passing out bags of candy with invitations to the bilingual church and a Scripture in both English and Spanish.

We’re calling this event Harvest Time at Destino, and basing this effort on Matthew 9:37-38. “Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. “Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.”

Our goal for this harvest time event is to provide a seasonal and spiritual aspect to what is otherwise known as Halloween. And because we love children at Destino, we’re looking forward to all the smiles!


Bilingual Church in La Paz

IMG_2643 Starting a Christian Church in La Paz, Mexico

If you would have asked us how to start a bilingual church in La Paz, Mexico, a few years ago, we would probably have answered, “We have no idea.” If you ask us today, we’ll answer with absolute sincerity, “By the grace of God.”

It’s true. God’s grace is sufficient for us. This has been proven over and over since arriving on the mission field in 2013 to start a nondenominational Christian church in La Paz. We didn’t speak Spanish, nor had we ever worked as senior pastors. And church planters? That’s not something we ever thought we might be called, nor was it something we thought we had the skills or talent to accomplish. But God is full of surprises for those who are willing to do what He wants.

So it’s God who got us started and God who will keep things going. But here are the top 5 things we did right that enabled God to use us in ways we never dreamed:

  1. When we became believers, we told God we would do whatever He wanted us to do. And we meant it.
  2. We served wherever there was a need. That means we cleaned many toilets. (According to our calculations, we cleaned 4,120 at our home church in the 17 years we were there.)
  3. We agreed to taking on new challenges, even when we considered them ridiculously difficult.
  4. We silenced the enemy who consistently came to question the plans of God.
  5. We put our faith and obedience into action. When God said go, we got up and went.

Now that we’re pastors of a Christian church in La Paz, we’re still open to doing what God wants, to taking on new challenges, to fighting the good fight and moving forward with God’s plans. And, we’re still cleaning toilets.