Christian Recovery: The Solid Rock Road:

10-principles-wallAbout The Solid Rock Road

The Solid Rock Road is a Christian recovery ministry started in 2002 and has since spread from Oregon to across the nation and into Mexico. (There is both a Spanish and English version of the book and manual.)

The premise of The Solid Rock Road is that addiction must be overcome the same as all other sins and spiritual issues: through acknowledgment, surrender, and repentance, resulting in humility, a complete moral u-turn and a life of service to God. While there are some who might argue that addiction is a disease, The Solid Rock Road team points out that sin and disease were both conquered on the cross. Therefore, the solution to the problem of addictions is the cleansing, purifying restoring blood of Jesus Christ that leads to complete freedom.

The Solid Rock Road is not about getting people sober; it’s about deliverance, healing and restoration that takes people from their past, to their current condition, and on to the next level of Christianity. Through the groups, participants identify negative patterns of thinking and behavior in order to replace them with God’s truth. Participants are provided with spiritual tools and godly principles necessary to gain and retain their freedom for a lifetime.

The following are the basic beliefs of The Solid Rock Road:

  • Addiction is a spiritual matter that
  • Freedom comes when people “know” the truth. Therefore, the ministry team promotes the Word of God.
  • Former addicts must assimilate into the Body of Christ. If they attach to a program and not to the Body, they can become “missing body parts.”
  • Participants graduate in order to assimilate. (There’s a beginning and an end to the program. When the program ends, they enter into service and training.)
  • The best form of relapse prevention is service to God and others.
  • Not all former addicts are called into the recovery ministry. The Solid Rock Road team guides their participants to their true calling.
  • The Solid Rock Road is for Christians who have determined to be sober for the rest of their lives.
  • Families of the addicted need help and are provided with guidance.
  • This method of recovery can be replicated in Christian churches and organizations looking for a 100% Bible-based.

The Solid Rock Road book and manual are available on Groups in both English and Spanish are available. To learn more about The Solid Rock Road, visit the website You can also call 541-778-8680 in the U.S. or 612-147-7988 in Mexico. You can also send an email to and follow The Solid Rock on Facebook and Twitter.