Destino’s Next Location!

New Church Building for Destino Cristiano,

A Christian Church in La Paz

The good thing about the current location of Destino Cristiano is that the building was able to accommodate our growth. Since we started our church plant with 3 people, and had a whopping 5 people at the first service, there was a lot of room to grow. When our church grew to about 40 people, we tore down the back wall for expansion, and we broke through another wall into a new area to create space for Children’s Church. Then, when attendance hit the 80+ mark, we broke through another wall and relocated the stage to make room for additional people. Well, we finally hit capacity with the next level of growth, with no more walls to tear down.

So, the search began for a new building to rent. We knew we wanted to stay in El Centro for this next season at Destino Cristiano, so the search team looked for something large enough and priced right. The search came up empty. When we located a place, the rent was either too high, or the building needed too much fixing up. So we looked at the possibility of purchasing a building, but wondered these things: How can we find a building that suits all of our needs, and how can we afford to buy a building.

What we needed was a space large enough for 300 people, and that had a kitchen, quarters for visiting pastors or other guests, several bathrooms, a shower, a lounge, office space and at least 2 classes for children’s church. Quite a list, but we found it in a building that is only 3 blocks up the road from our current location. And because it needs quite a bit of work, the building was priced right, but in addition, the price was negotiated down to the point where we knew it was a God thing.

So, we now have the right building at a miracle price and we’re starting our remodeling campaign titled Big Steps Only.  We’ll tell you more soon!

Ephesians Up Close and Personal

Ephesians is a very practical letter written by Paul, talking about our new life in Christ and it is incredibly relevant for all Christians, young and old, and in between! Every Wednesday night at 6pm we met at Destino Cristiano to study one chapter at a time. The first week we learned the history and context of the book, which provides a backdrop and better understanding of how to interpret it for ourselves today. Ephesians is a ‘Prison Epistle’ meaning it’s one of the four letters Paul wrote and sent out while he was in prison. It is believed to be written ten years after Paul first went to Ephesus to spread the Good News and is addressed to the saints of Ephesus (or Asia minor), the faithful in Jesus Christ.

We noticed that Paul is not writing to special ‘Super-Christians’ who are labeled saints, but to the faithful in Jesus Christ, who ARE saints. The word ‘saint’ is hagios, or ‘holy ones, sacred; pure, consecrated.’ As the faithful to Jesus Christ, we are set apart as saints! That’s who we ARE and it is very important to know our identity. In the first three chapters, the letter describes how God has brought us near, into new life with Him (purely by his grace!), and then in chapters 4-6 Paul describes practically how that should look! As hagios, the holy, sacred, pure, consecrated, set apart faithful to Jesus Christ, how are we to live with our fellow saints, husbands and wives, kids, etc.? What do we do with the evil around us that’s constantly knocking on the door, and what is the Holy Spirit’s role in our new lives? The book of Ephesians is both practical and powerful!

We just came to the close of this six week Bible study and feel encouraged by the knowledge of what God has done for us, empowered to live our lives in the Holy Spirit, and inspired to go be a light and witness to those around us. God’s Word is life-changing, so don’t miss out on the next study!

Cabo Missionaries Minister at Destino, a Bilingual Christian Church

In a July 2017 service at Destino Cristiano, pastors Randy and Luisina Mishler arrived from San Jose del Cabo with their four beautiful children to minister in La Paz. They are a dream team and greatly encouraged the congregation with the Word and worship. Luisina led our team in worship, teaching the band how to play a song they’ve never played without a track, “This is Amazing Grace.” They stepped up to the challenge and did a great job! Best of all, we got to lift up the name of our Lord together.

Randy shared a great word addressing the question of “how do we respond when affliction comes?” We all can identify with troubles, hard times, conflicts, you name it. Perhaps the reason why there are so many synonyms for ‘problems’ is because we pass through so many! For this same reason, God has a lot to say about the topic. However, what we read in scripture is not, “God will make your problems go away for you right now!” Instead, God teaches us that rather than directly taking away the affliction, He uses the affliction for our good and for His glory. Randy shared with us five blessings that come in these trying times.

The first blessing in affliction is that it draws us closer to God. The psalmist shares how his affliction turned his heart to the Lord, “It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees. (Psalm 119:72)” Second, affliction makes us stronger! Romans 5:3-7 describes how suffering produces perseverance, which produces character, and character, hope. Isaiah 40:31 completes the thought, “but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.” Fourth, affliction helps us put our eyes on Jesus. One of the first things Jesus told Paul about his new life in him, was that he would suffer (Acts 9:16). Not the most encouraging of conversions! But Jesus was the one who caused the scales to fall off Paul’s eyes, and there would be no one else he would set his eyes upon. Through this, Paul learned the secret of going through afflictions was going through them with Christ (Philippians 4:11-13). The fourth and fifth benefits are that affliction prepares us for greater things, and through affliction we bring glory to God. David, for example, first had the trial of defending his sheep from the lion and the bear. His next trial, was defending a whole nation against the undefeated giant Goliath. Talk about a hardship that prepared the way for a greater assignment that gave glory to God!

As a church we are so thankful for the Mishler’s ministry. We are encouraged that we can rejoice in the hardships, knowing that we are growing closer to God, becoming stronger, fixing our eyes on Jesus, being prepared for greater things, and ultimately, living out our purpose of bringing glory to God!

The Season of Praise

turkeyAs pastors of a bilingual Christian church in La Paz, Mexico, we’re honored to share our American Thanksgiving tradition with our Mexican friends. This year, the Destino Cristiano team will be preparing a holiday meal with turkey and all the fixings, and offering a sit-down service with waiters and waitresses.

Our goal is to serve the people who have welcomed us to their city… well, even to their country. Since moving to Mexico and starting our church in La Paz, we have been blessed to experience the tradition of hospitality that the Mexicans are so gracious to provide. This hospitality is not just offered on holidays, but comes from their hearts every day.

Our hearts are overflowing in this season of praise, as we enter our second year of pastoring a bilingual church in the El Centro area of La Paz. How can we not be emotional and thankful when we have received so much love and acceptance from so many people? And while we sometimes ask ourselves why Spanish-speaking people would attend church with gringo pastors, we already know the answer: God is at work. He is doing something new. He is at the center of it all.

It’s the season of praise! We rejoice in God and we give thanks to our brothers and sisters in Christ! Gracias por todo!

Contact Us for Mission Trips to Mexico

Contact Us for Mission Trips to Mexico

It’s so much fun connecting with people from the United States, Canada, Mexico and places all around the world. As a bilingual Christian Church in La Paz, Mexico, we are working to blend cultures, but also respect the traditions and cultural differences among people of different countries.

If your missions team is looking for a safe, productive and spiritually rewarding experience on the mission field, please contact us. We’ll send you details, answer your questions and customize a mission trip to Mexico just for you!

Mexico Info
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El Centro, La Paz, Mexico, 23000
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U.S. Info
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Blog: A Bilingual Christian Church in La Paz

Blog: A Bilingual Christian Church in La Paz

Destino Cristiano is a bilingual Christian Church in La Paz. But what does this mean? How do English-speaking pastors share the word of God to a mostly Spanish-speaking congregation? And how do these members of the congregation share the deep things of their hearts?

This is a puzzle that only God can put together. Since arriving on the mission field in La Paz in April 2013, God has given us the pieces to this puzzle as we have needed them. We have our vision, and what we believe God wants to do with us and through in our Christian church in La Paz, but He is the Master Builder.

As the Master Builder, God holds the plans, and he is preparing the phases and the steps because we need a strong foundation to build from. First, God is putting us with Spanish speakers because we need to learn the language. But more than that, God wants us to connect with our hearts and minds, and to become comfortable with a culture that is foreign to us.

At the same time, we are being vulnerable and transparent. We are letting Spanish speakers into our world, sharing our culture and our hearts with them. We all agree that love is a universal language, and so everything stems from this. And it’s about respect. We are not trying to change a culture, but to change hearts. This may in turn, change some aspects of the culture. And along the way, we are changing from the inside out, even re-examining some of our cultural beliefs and norms.

Eventually, we will speak Spanish. But until then, we will continue to serve the people of La Paz in whatever way God wants. Destino Cristiano is His house.