How to Find Your Christmas Cheer

Just yesterday, several of us from Destino Cristiano were wrapping presents for the kids at Nueva Creacion orphanage in La Paz, Mexico. I’m not talking about a few presents here. I’m talking about hundreds of them, all donated by people who have a heart to give at Christmas time. We had piles, all sorted by names and ages of kids that we have grown to love over the past few years. And though the task seemed almost insurmountable, we got to work conquering one present at a time. And it was fun. We found our Christmas cheer!  Well, actually, we added to it!

Christmas cheer can be hard to come by, especially for those who have bad memories or negative experiences associated with the holidays. Some miss their loved ones who have passed on, or miss their families who are far away, or just feel alone. Many wish they could express their love with presents, but don’t have the finances to make Christmas all they believe it should be.

Well, being thousands of miles away from loved ones, I have had my sad moments, and yes, shed a few tears this Christams season. But you know what? I found my Christmas cheer by doing what Baby Jesus was born to do: Serve, love and give.

Is it possible that we lose our Christmas cheer when it’s more about us than about Jesus and others? Is it then possible that we find our Christmas cheer when we make the season about Jesus and others? I say “Yes” to both these questions. I’m not trying to oversimplify complex matters of the heart associated with the holidays, but I do believe our perspective plays a major role in how we move past whatever puts the frowns on our faces.

So smile if you can. If this is one of those years when a smile is too hard, just remember the baby! Spend some time giving thanks for the One who gave His son so that you would have life, so that you could overcome, so that you would be forgiven, so that you would have the victory, so that you can laugh once again.

God bless.


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